Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Social Media Classroom - Stanford

This is the course wiki for Stanford's Social Media Classroom course.

Unleashing the Power of Networked Learning

How do we harness the power of networked learning? This article explores the notion that the top-down approach to traditional education is rapidly diminishing in favour of learner-generated, informal interactions.

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Participation inequality: the 90-9-1 collaboration paradox

90% or users will simply observe and lurk.
9% will occasionally contribute, edit etc.
1% of users can be denoted as those that contribute most of the content.

Read Dan Pontefract's fascinating article on 'participation inequality' in online communities.

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10 Simple Ideas to Increase Activity in your Online Community

A useful checklist for those intending to set up an online community.

The Amateur Approach to building Online Communities

This article explains why amateurs are often more successful at building sustainable online communities than brands or organisations.