Thursday, 22 September 2011

Duplication theory of educational value

An insightful blog post by George Siemens positing that what is valuable in Higher Education "is that which can’t be duplicated without additional input costs: personal feedback and assessment, contextualized and personalized navigation through complex topics, encouragement, questioning by a faculty member to promote deeper thinking, and a context and infrastructure of learning. Basically: human input costs make education valuable" (Siemens, 2011)

Monday, 19 September 2011

From 'Command and Control' to 'Encourage and Engage'

This presentation by Jane Hart explores the tension between institutional learning/IT systems and an increasing need for employees to seek their own solutions from personal knowledge networks. It is interesting as it highlights the growing trend towards learner autonomy and lifelong learning.

Sunday, 18 September 2011

And so it begins... #change11

Having already been a naughty student and missed the orientation week, I've been doing my best to catch up this weekend and prepare myself for the #change11 MOOC. The resources provided by the facilitators have been very helpful in presenting a concept of what we're dealing with but I get a sense that this is only the beginning!

Following Stephen's advice on defining expectations I'm going to begin by aiming to have meaningful discussions with peers around the topic of what it means to learn online in 2011. I'm going to aim to commit to 30 mins a day, and I'm doing my best to add three comments per day to the discussions - so far so good. Daily tweets are a long way off at the moment but we'll see how we go...

Really excited to be learning with you all!